Things I’m Loving Right Now…..(As I Enter My Birthday Month!)

Things I’m Loving Right Now…..(As I Enter My Birthday Month!)

Hello last month of 2016……I’m kind of pleased to be seeing you. This year has been a big one, heralding a whole heap of change. It’s been exciting, thought-provoking, fun, challenging and sometimes plain uncomfortable. I started with a list here  in January of things I wanted to do in my 33rd year and I’m quickly approaching what will be my 34th birthday- this will be my final update for the year.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not wishing away this year in anyway (because there have been so many positives) but not so quietly, I’m really looking forward to all that 2017 has to bring- the newness, freshness, loved-upness.

As I told a friend recently as I filled her in on some of my behind the scenes “you won’t read about this on my website!”  And the truth is, rightfully, there is so much that you won’t. I’m open, I’m honest but this year has been raw, rawer then I expected. Healing takes time, as does self-reflection and I’m certainly in that space emotionally and mentally as I write this.

I’ve heard it said that leaving a long-term relationship or marriage that is no longer meant for you is one of the most grown up, adult things you will do in your lifetime. Certainly it has felt this way- for both of us I’m sure.

So no heavy stuff. Just the people and things that I’m loving, have been loving. That have kept me sane and smiling since my last update here. Because there is so much to be grateful for from this year, even amongst the “stuff”.




I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

The best antedote to relationship problems and coming undones in your life……..your girlfriends. Heart filling, laughter inducing, occasional tipsiness, tears and letting it out. All much needed. Sometimes all on the one night. Soul strengthening moments.

The Beauty Chef

The Beauty Chef

I mentioned here the effects that ongoing stress was having on my gut health and my skin early in the year. This liquid boost, that I add to my glass of water every morning (which I then drink straightaway) has done wonders for me. Improving and repairing my skin and also acting as a probiotic. I highly recommend it and you can find more information about the product here (not sponsored). A little goes a long way with this bottle.



My Love Affair With Pilates Continues And Hello Yoga

Pilates is my thing and certainly having owned a studio helped me to recognise that even more so (I wrote about how owning a Pilates Studio changed my own body image here). I practice Pilates at home most days. I keep it simple. Mat, band, hand weights, ankle weights and have surprised myself with how effective returning back to basics can be for your body. Pilate is the best way for me to destress and unwind. Movement that burns and makes you sweat when also combined with controlled breathing (inhaling and exhaling in time with a certain movement) is clearing for the mind. It’s perhaps why I’ve found myself starting to enjoy the occasional yin or vinyasa yoga class. There are no headstands happening on my yoga mat yet (or ever!) but the saying “Yoga is not about tightening your arse. It’s about getting your head out of it” sums up my feelings here!



The Love For My Book

Hearing how much you have loved my book A Confident Heart, reading the reviews, watching it sell. Selling more copies than I expected has been exciting and creatively inspiring. Lots more to give and share to you here in the future. Seeing and knowing your work is appreciated by others is motivating and uplifting. Watching this little book soar since the start of the month has been the perfect and ultimate creative distraction. Thank you. (You can find your own copy for purchase here).



New Relationships & Friendships

I intended 2016 to be more professionally focused than personal, I had so many goals and to do’s– I realise now I was expecting too much of myself there considering “all” that has been on my plate. I actually needed to spend time and give attention to my personal life. Certainly there have been a lot of professional achievements this year that I’ve loved and appreciated. But I’m kind of enjoying that it hasn’t been in all the parts……

Building on my own life as a single woman socially, emotionally and physically, beyond being a Mother, has been a surprising joy this year. My social circle has grown and changed and I feel as though I’ve really come into my own- which isn’t to say I haven’t experienced a few speed bumps. But a sense of past efforts aligning and dots so close to connecting I can feel it has really taken shape over the last few months. I know how far I’ve come in the last two-three years and I’m not too shy to say out loud that I’m really proud of myself for being here.



La Boca Boca

Sorry but I can’t help but think of Seinfeld when I hear talk about Florida and La Boca! I’ve had something pretty wonderful to look forward to over the last few months, a trip to Boca Raton, Florida to attend Tony Robbin’s Date With Destiny. Going to Date With Destiny was a goal of mine for this year and it made the initial list. That I’ll be there in a week, despite everything that has unfolded over the past six months is evidence to me firstly that it was meant to be and also that everything has the promise to work out better than I expect it will. I need this and I can’t think of a better way to bring in the last month of the year then with six days of a huge amount of self-reflection, dancing, music and Tony motivation.



Present Moment Stuff

I shared with you here about my thoughts on being present and not being hung up on the past or worrying about the future.  It’s so incredibly easy to get caught up in the loop of this way of thinking where thoughts of the past make us feel down and depressed but thoughts of the future make us feel anxious and afraid. Simply reminding myself that my feelings of anxiousness are because of my own internal thoughts projecting itself into the future like an unhelpful crystal ball has been powerful for me. Huge life lessons for me this year around remaining present, allowing situations to evolve and trading my expectations and projections in for appreciation and peace in the now.



Summer Sunshine

It goes without saying that Perth sunshine in the last month, alongside a trip to Rottnest has been energy lifting. I love the beach and a sea breeze. Both leave me feeling healthier, lighter and more feel good.




Bookworm alert! I’m currently enjoying both of these two. I try to read everyday for at least ten minutes. It’s my way to disconnect and feel like I’ve relaxed, particularly if I’ve managed to find time during the daytime hours to read rather than of an evening. Ten minutes, sitting outside or somewhere quiet to timeout yourself. I prescribe it to everyone. (And if you’ve dismissed this as not possible due to lack of time consider how much time you spend looking at your phone in a day……just saying!) Change the way you unwind.




I went for a (rare) facial on a particularly average day in my world and happened to chance on my beauty therapist being also qualified in Reiki healing; something I knew very little about. I find Reiki incredibly balancing and healing. While some may not agree or understand, for me this Japanese method of spiritual healing and self-improvement has been wholly positive. Definitely worthy of trying if you’re interested.



And Most Certainly Not Least……These Two

Anyone who is a parent can resonate with this; everything that I do is for these two. That will always remain the same. Becoming a parent, being a good parent, is something I’ll always be most proud of. That one is a rapping, music loving Queen (do I even need to point her out?) and the other a sensitive, arty soul just delights my heart.


What are you most grateful for from 2016? Or who?

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