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About Carla

Hello, I’m Carla Da Costa.

Welcome! I am a life coach and writer living in Perth, Western Australia. My desire is to see women happy and loving their lives while also looking as amazing as they feel. That shining from within glow we can’t hep but notice in others. Positive change, personal growth and greater self-confidence are my reasons for everything that I write, create and share here; with you always in mind.

Carla Da Costa

Through my writing and my Living With Heart range of products I hope to inspire others to live from their heart over their heads. To have you living, loving and shining through your day.

I know what it’s like to feel disillusioned and even unhappy in your own life. I also know how quickly all of that that can often lead to feelings of stress, disenchantment and a feeling of everyday being a “groundhog” kind of day.

I know this because I spent so many years living in my head- feeling anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, worried, self-critical, comparing myself to others, worried what people thought of me. To others I might have seemed strong, capable, confident. But on the inside I was anything but.

Change for me came about because of one strong desire. The desire to live a life that felt as good as it looked. And for me to embody the kind of woman who I knew I needed to be to enjoy such a life experience.

No more hiding behind others, shying away from who I was and living in my head. Instead I completely embrace the full essence of who I am. And in the process I’ve shed those parts of myself and my life that no longer reflected the woman I knew I wanted to be. The woman I needed to be not only for myself, but for my daughters, my family, my friends.

I’ve learnt that the greatest gift I can give to the ones I love is to be my most shining and vibrant self. And to make those positive choices every day in my health, the way I think, the people and experiences I choose to have in my life, my finances, that I know support me to live in that way.


I believe:

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In balance. I have few rules in my life but one I do have is the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I aim to eat well, move well, spend well, sleep well and think well. I apply it to every aspect of my life and it allows me the space to play, move, create, breathe and have fun in my life- something this Sagittarius woman craves.
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In the power of reflection, journalling, looking at your own inner “muck” and writing your goals down. Whether it’s for your health, to add more spark to your life (socially, romantically, spiritually), or a business goal you’re pursuing. Take those goals out of your head, put them onto paper and bring them into the real world. It’s why I created and wrote my books for you.
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In women rocking their own beauty, grace and style. Women are amazing, wonderful, sexy, curvaceous beings. Have fun, wear your best jewellery, put on some lippy, dress in a way that makes you feel like your best self, get out there with your girlfriends when you can (I know husbands and children make that tricky at times…), enjoy time with your man if you have one and let him see the real, unguarded, vulnerable, feminine you. Do things your own way and love who you are. The people in your life already do, it’s time you started doing that too 
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When it comes to exercise my belief is that you have to do what you love! Not follow the latest fads constantly. Health to me is about balance as much as it is enjoyment (there’s that 80/20 rule again!) I love pasta as much as I do my green juices. I eat chocolate and love salads. I enjoy doing pilates, running and walking. I also enjoy nights spent on the couch binge watching Netflix. I’ve done the size zero thing. Believe me, it was no fun and it was the unhealthiest I’ve ever been in my life. I won’t be going back there again!
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You can change your life by being mindful of the way you think. So many of the thoughts we have (and listen to!) are just not true or helpful. In fact they’re sabotaging, diminishing and overly critical. What we think we begin to believe so it’s important we feed our mind thoughts that support the way we want to feel. You can find examples of how I do that in my free eBook here.

I know you can create the life you want for yourself as long as you are clear on how that looks, feels and sounds. You are beautifully unique so your life, your successes, your relationships will also be unique to you. And the only way to discover what makes you shine is to put on your best shoes and start walking towards where it is you want to be and what you see yourself doing in your life. We all have to start somewhere. Let’s start today, from where we are now.

All my love and gratitude to you xxx


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